Mule Shoe 60K DNF! or Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Well, I am now 1 and 1 for 60Ks.  I entered the Mule Shoe 60K on this past Saturday night put on by Tejas Trails and I dropped out at 20 miles due to stomach issues.  I could tell something was wrong even at mile 1, and by mile 20 I could tell it just wasn’t my night.  Funny, the last ultra I ran I finished even though I was completely unprepared, and this one I dropped out even though I was in significantly better shape.  Lesson: Respect the ultra!  Running that far on trails is always a challenge and is never a given.

The race was, as people have come to expect from Joe, well organized and a lot of fun.  There seemed to be a good deal more people than at the Perdenales Falls race, and that one was well attended.  On to the course….

The 60K course consisted of a short out and back, followed by 4 – 9.XX mile loops around Mule Shoe Bend recreation area.   There were two aid stations on the loop which effectively broke the course up into three sections.  This course was quite a bit less hilly, but quite a bit more technical than the Perdenales Course.  I would have thought that would mean it was easier, but judging by the winning times (almost an hour slower than Perdenales), it turns out it was probably a tougher course overall.  It was just relentless.  It really beat you up.  There were almost no stretches where you could really open up your stride and cruise.  I stumbled and fell multiple times.  The course required constant attention and focus.  Of the three sections, the second stretch (between aid stations 1 and 2) was by far the most difficult.  I completed the out and back and then two loops before dropping.  I wish I could have soldiered on, but given that these races are more like glorified training runs for me, I didn’t want to risk really messing myself up for no good reason.

Again, major kudos to Joe and Tejas Trails for another fantastic event in the Texas hill country.  Looking forward to many more in the future.  My next scheduled race is in October (Palo Duro 50), but if I can find another “short” ultra before then, I may try to fit one more in as a training run.


~ by jdballard on July 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mule Shoe 60K DNF! or Move Along, Nothing to See Here”

  1. Chin up, Ballard. We all have off days. Hope we can connect for a run or two between now and PD50.

    – Mike

  2. I love you Jason! Keep us posted

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