Running Reboot: From Black Hills to Hard Wood

It has been quite a year for the Ballard household.  Honestly, probably the most trying four months of my adult life: helping my wife fight cancer, two children under two, and six month old start up business, and living in a new city without a well established network of support.  I think we will always look back and say, “2012 was just a hard year.”

And yet, we know if could have been harder, and it could have been worse.  All things considered, we are a happy family with (hopefully) the worst of these trials behind us.  I publish this blog for our friends and family to keep with us, and I think it has done that exceedingly well.  Several readers who knew I had been (before the arrival of cancer) training to run the Black Hills 100 have asked if I am still training, and if I still plan to run it.  The answer is yes and no.

I have in the last month or so begun to run again (80 miles in the last 8 weeks).  That is not a lot, but my fitness is coming back.  I do plan to give the BH100 a try, but it will not be this year.  For now, I’m tentatively shooting for June 2013.  But, I didn’t want to let the whole year be a wash or let the 450ish miles I’ve run in the last 12 months be for nothing.  So, I’m going to attempt a more modest race in October of this year: The Palo Duro 50, a 50 mile run through the Palo Duro Canyon in West Texas.

The Palo Duro (English translation: Hard Wood) is the “Grand Canyon of Texas”, and as a native Texan that holds a certain romantic mystique.  For those of you who want to keep up with my progress, I’ll begin posting training updates to this site again soon.


~ by jdballard on May 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Running Reboot: From Black Hills to Hard Wood”

  1. Don’t let the English teacher come out in me. (You know I love you, but I love commas and correct pronoun references too.) That ought to keep you busy for … a second. Smooches, my speed writer, speed talking, speed walking, speed running little buddy.

    • Oh, and note to self, “Physician, heal thyself.” Ought to keep my things parallel there. Let me say, “speed writing” instead of “writer” and my apologies. (Removing mote from my eye)

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