Black Hills 100 Training Update

Total miles this past week: 23

Total weeks of training: 22

Total miles of training: 282

I think, after playing third fiddle to family and starting a business for several weeks (as it should), my training is finally getting back on track.  I have run 4 solo half-marathons in the past month, and all of them have felt very comfortable (the last one was under 8min/mile pace and I could have easily run considerably faster).  My legs and body are feeling very healthy, I think through some combination of running on trails (rather than concrete), and supplementing my diet with Udo’s Oil and glucosamine/chondroitin.  My knee pains have, for all practical purposes, completely disappeared… even though my mileage has gone up.  I am looking forward to continuing to ramp up the mileage, and beginning to get an idea of exactly what it is going to take to race 100 miles.

Next week, we are leaving for the Black Hills of South Dakota to celebrate the Christmas and take some much needed vacation.  It might be crazy, but I’m going to try to run just about every day.  Maybe I’ll even be able to get some miles in on the trail where the much anticipated event will take place.  Twenty degrees is going to be cold.


~ by jdballard on December 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Black Hills 100 Training Update”

  1. Awesome, dude. Keep it up!

  2. Run Jason Run! Baby Gaither won’t have any running for us while we are sharing my body so I will be all the more devoted to your progress! I already miss you for Christmas. Love!

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