Black Hills 100 Training Update: Week 20

Total Miles This Week: 16

Total Miles This Year: 213

Overall, things are headed in the right direction.  As of yesterday (November 13), I have already run more in November than both October and September (respectively).  Now that the Grand Opening is behind me, I hope that training will stay on track from now till the Black Hills 100 in June.  I am having some pain on the outside of my right knee (IT band?), but unlike past injuries/difficulties, I can’t decide if it is an true injury, or simply some pain I need to push through.  So, I have taken it fairly easy this week both in mileage and intensity.  I’m chomping at the bit to really get rolling, but I after 4 months of training I don’t want to sidetrack myself by not paying attention to my body.  I have started supplementing my diet with Udo’s and glucosamine in the hopes that they will help with recovery/injury prevention.  I’m very glad the hot weather is behind me, and am really enjoying some of the cooler runs.  Speaking of enjoyment, I have put in most of my miles lately on local trains, and it really is the best way to run.  Without sounding like a cheesy knock-off of a transcendentalist poet, I will say that it is a beautiful and soul enriching way to put in the miles.  It feels good for me in a way that road running does not.  I’m looking forward to more time on the trails, and to more cool weather.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make the seasonal debut of the running tights.


~ by jdballard on November 14, 2011.

One Response to “Black Hills 100 Training Update: Week 20”

  1. Glad you’re getting to run more, Jason. Keep me posted on that knee. Also, check my link for my new running blog. (shameless plug!) 🙂

    Also, you HAVE to check out the ultrarunner podcast. Amazing. But, you’ll crave running on trails even more if you listen I , so watch out for that.

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