Relentless Forward Progress

Quick Updates:

The family and I are officially residents of Austin, TX and TreeHouse is 25 days away from becoming a reality.  The signs are up, there are products and employees in the store, and at many moments during the day it is still hard to believe…  Hard to believe its been almost five years since I was doing green building in Boulder and the road trip to South Dakota when Jenny came up with the name, …hard to believe that I first shared the idea with my friend and now partner Evan over beers at the Back Country Brewery is Cisco, CO four and half years ago… hard to believe that over the next four and half years the team necessary to pull off this venture and the funding all came together, hard to believe I have gotten married and had two children during this journey… hard to believe I start training employees next week.

Training for the Black Hills 100 has not been ideal this month due to all the busyness.  Numbers never lie.  According to my training log at DailyMile, in August I ran 82 miles and so far in September I have only run 32 miles.  However, I’m still determined to go keep training, keep pushing, and keep making forward progress.  I’ve had to get most of my miles in during the heat of the day (over 100 degrees almost every time) or in the middle of the night (usually after 11pm).  It will be nice when the temperature outside and the pressure from work both begin backing off.

Finding a way to be prayerful and mindful of Christ in all the busyness has perhaps been the greatest challenge lately… thank God for the BCP.  Worship with the church, the liturgy, and the Eucharist each Sunday have been like water to a dry throat & tingling skin on a hot, long run in the middle of a Texas summer.  I cannot overstate what a source of strength and refreshment they have been.

The thing I am usually most thankful for each day is time with my wonderful wife and sweet children.  I hope they will forgive me for being so busy these few months.


~ by jdballard on September 27, 2011.

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